Bury a Friend (Billie Eilish) Animatic

Bury a Friend (Billie Eilish) Animatic

Uploader: ChloeCanary

Duration: 1:04

Date: March 13, 2019

'ello 'ello!
Bury a Friend was the first Billie Eilish music video I watched around 3 weeks ago, which led me to discovering rest of her work; she's a really talented artist! I've had so many abandoned projects in the past 4 months (worked so hard but I was left unsatisfied with how they came out =/), but after listening to this song, I had this visual in my head that just wouldn't leave and it got my creative juices flowing~

Next up is the promised Overwatch video coming VERY soon!

빌리 아일리시 음악 들은 후 이 곡에 맞춘 비쥬얼이 자꾸 떠오르고 머릿속 떠나질 않아서 동영상 만들어봤어요 ㅎㅎ

#billieeilish #빌리아일리시

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